About Zoomget

Sourcing supplies should not be hard, mundane, or expensive. At Zoomget, our mission is to create a frictionless shopping experience for business and industrial products that is safe, fast, and boundless. With a curated selection of dependable brands, unparalleled value, and singular customer service, we make safety easy so you can focus on your business, your needs, and your goals.

Our people infuse our culture with integrity, which defines the way we operate. As a company we put our customers first. We are swift learners, action-oriented leaders, and dynamic innovators. We are not limited by traditions, borders, or norms. We embrace challenges and fail forward.

We operate with these principles as an organization and as individuals:

  • Character: Without it, nothing else matters.
  • Limits: We reject them. Nothing is beyond our reach.
  • Grit: Passion is great; combined with effort, it’s unstoppable.
  • Learning & Growing: We continually seek out new ideas and perspectives.
  • Accountability & Ownership: We own everything that happens.

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